What we do ?

Logo CNAOLCNAOL is the official organization that regroups all the French Dairy Designation of Origin bodies. To date, in France, 45 cheeses, 3 butters and 2 cream benefit from the Designated Place of Origin Appellation. They represent:



• About 20 300 farmers / producers

• 225 618 tons of cheese, butter and cream

• 15.2% of the global ripened cheeses

Since June 2014, all of these 50 dairy products benefit from the Protected Designation of Origin European recognition which is the equivalent of the French Controlled Designation of Origin.

CNAOL’s mission is to defend and to promote the dairy Designated Place of Origin products (AOC). Its goals are to create awareness and highlight the European logo, PDO as well as the above products and the values attached to the Appellation and the Protected Designation of Origin European logo which is the European equivalent of the French AOC. Thus, a second three-year information and promotional campaign, aimed at consumers started in 2007 till 2010. This campaign is financially supported by the European Union and FranceAgriMer.

CNAOL’s mission is not limited to French issues alone. It also participated in the creation of the following two associations:

• European Alliance for Artisan and Traditional Raw Milk Products (EAT): a European association for the defense of raw milk cheeses,

• Organization for an International Geographical Indication’s Network (ORIGIN): a worldwide association for the defense of products that benefit from the Protected Geographical Indications (PDO + PGI).

Do you know what?

CNAOL’s mission is not limited to French issues alone.

Logo CNIELCNIEL was set up in 1973 and brings together the sector’s three most representative federations: the professionals, producers and processors represented by their federations jointly and unanimously decide on collective actions carried out for the good of the dairy sector. The dairy inter-branch organization is recognized by the public authorities.
The European Union recognizes dairy inter-branch organizations as part of the Milk Package.
The French Government recognizes the general interest of the organization and the mission statements of the inter-branch organization are defined in by the law. By approving the inter-branch organizations’ agreements, the governmental authorities have delegated the “ordre public” (public policy) prerogatives. (Rural code L 632–12)
CNIEL and its missions:

Quality: at the heart of the dairy sector

Understanding the economic context: a necessity for all involved

Developing opportunities for export: a major challenge

Promoting the benefits of milk and dairy products

Promoting the French dairy sector, its special characteristics and values