What is PDO ?


The Designation of Origin is a system that protects a cultural and gastronomic heritage.

The system guarantees the product’s origin and uniqueness.

It ensures that its production follows strict specifications established through traditional and ancestral know-how.

To be acknowledged as a Designation of Origin, a dairy product must:

• Originate from a determined region or zone
• Satisfy specific production regulations
• Have an officially established reputation
• Apply for and obtain Designation of Origin recognition from INAO and thereafter, apply for a PDO recognition from the European Union.



Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée: C as controlled by the INAO.

Protected Designation of Origin: P as protected by the European Union.

These two terms can only be delivered by these two official authorities.


Do you know what?

Since May 1st, 2009, consumers worldwide are able to discover the PDO logo or the written mention: « Protected Designation of Origin » on packaging of all products that obtained the French AOC logo and thereafter, joined the European PDO family.


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Our values PDO

Our values PDO